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"We were over $20,000 in credit card bill due to both of us losing our jobs. We were able to settle with our credit card companies for less than $5,000!" -- Joane from Florida

What is debt settlement?

Debt settlement is considered one of the fastest and cheapest way to get debt relief. Also known as credit card debt negotiation, debt settlement is when people try to avoid bankruptcy and get rid of their unsecure debt.

The actual process starts when a person approaches a debt settlement company. The debt settlement company takes over by contacting their creditors and reach an agreement to reduce the total amount of debt owed through a debt settlement program.

How do I qualify for debt settlement?

Debt settlement is only available for those with unsecure debt.

How long does it take for a debt settlement program?

The length of the debt settlement program varies on each individual and how much debt is owed and their ability to repay. Most debt relief programs last anywhere from 12 months to 48 months.

What is a difference between secure and unsecure debt?

A secure debt means there is some sort of collateral being secured against the loan. One of the most common secure debt is a mortgage home loan. If you fail to make your mortgage payments on time, your home eventually is taken away from you through the foreclosure process. Interest rates for secure debt tend to be a lower than unsecure debt loans.

A unsecure debt is money owed that have no collateral that is secured. These type of debt qualify for debt settlement programs. The most common types of unsecure debt includes:
  • Credit Cards
  • Unsecured Bank Loans
  • Department Store Cards
  • Medical/Hospital Bills
  • Collection Accounts
  • Auto Repossessions