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"We were over $20,000 in credit card bill due to both of us losing our jobs. We were able to settle with our credit card companies for less than $5,000!" -- Joane from Florida

Christian Debt Settlement

Our mission is to help fellow Christians that are in trouble with too much debt to build a better future. Whether you are behind on Christian credit card debt, medical or hospital bills, our people can help you find other Christians who want to lend a helping hand to give you debt relief through a debt settlement agreement with your creditors.

Debt Settlement for Christians

There is no cost and no obligation to be contacted by debt settlement companies to discuss what your options are regarding your debt. A debt is a debt and we will not lie and tell you that debt settlement services will make your debt go away. However, we can tell you that it may be possible for Christian debt settlement companies to help reduce your debt owed. Who wouldn't want to pay less?

Alberta residents, visit Calgary Debt Relief for help with your credit card bills.